Visualizing Every Assessment


Open data portals are starting to share property assessment data, but how can people use this often-overwhelming data?  Can people easily compare their assessments at a granular, per-building or parcel level?  What about comparing to the city, often with hundreds of thousands of assessments? 


After much research on various mapping technologies, we decided to create visual comparisons of properties across entire cities.  When zoomed in, it's easy to compare property assessments around a given property or value.  Zooming out reveals the entire city in breathtaking detail.

Being able to visually represent a city's worth of assessments in such granular detail can also reveal interesting insights often obfuscated with higher level summaries.  Identifying these insights and patterns can help users better understand assessment trends within their cities.

Result showcases assessments of entire cities, allows users to compare between properties, and showcases assessment patterns within the city through stories.

We've currently created assessment maps for Edmonton, Vancouver, and San Francisco.