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Information Designer

Darkhorse Analytics is looking for information designers with a keen interest in turning data into beautiful, revealing, and engaging visuals.

What we do...

Darkhorse Analytics is an Edmonton-based consulting firm specializing in predictive analytics and data visualization. Our visualization team is internationally recognized for building custom interactive visualizations with a focus on impact and clarity. We’ve analyzed hockey, public health, social mobility, housing, and open data, to name a few. We are actively seeking to grow the visualization community’s capabilities through our blog with articles and educational material.

You can learn more about us and our work at

What you will do...

We’re looking for someone to be involved with all aspects of the design process, including ideation, UX, wireframing, and visual design. We want someone who is excited by the idea of bringing clarity to the complex and has the design chops to ensure ‘clear’ doesn’t translate to ‘boring’; someone who knows how to engage an audience. As a member of the team you will:

  • Hand sketch, wireframe, and mockup application interface and visualization designs

  • Develop use cases, user profiles, visual narratives, and guidelines to help bring our vision to life

  • Clean, explore and analyze data sets to validate assumptions and discover new patterns, trends, and insights.

  • Brainstorm and develop new ideas and methods for visualizing client data

  • Polish, tweak and perfect the team’s work

  • Help define the design guidelines for our organization

  • Learn from the talented people surrounding you and work hard to help them learn from your unique skill set

  • Manage client relationships

  • Collaborate with clients to create effective solutions that exceed expectations

  • Lead internal teams to ensure the vision becomes a reality.A unique experience...

What we look for...

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about their work and the contribution they can make. You genuinely enjoy problem-solving and finding patterns. The harder the challenge, the harder it is to put it down until you crack it. You should:

  • Have experience developing interfaces that are both easy to use and engaging

  • Have a portfolio of designs that express your passion for this field and display your ability to bring clarity to the complex

  • Have an eye for what needs changing in a design and be able to explain how and why those changes will be effective

  • Be able to point to one of your favourite visualizations/interfaces and explain what makes it so good

  • Have the skills in Sketch, Illustrator, Figma or an equivalent application to develop high-quality graphics

  • Be excited to dig into data and have familiarity with Excel, R, Tableau or Python

  • Be unafraid of code and maybe know how to do a little HTML and Javascript yourself

  • Be well-organized, able to communicate with clients, able to effectively manage development team members

Information Designers in leadership roles will be expected to own client visualization engagements, ensuring the client is delighted with a high-quality solution.

Our Requirements…

Some things are non-negotiable…

  • A strong portfolio that demonstrates your design skills

  • A history of using analytics to understand the hidden story in the data

  • You are legally able to work in Canada

  • You are willing to locate at our headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta

  • You believe in our values

Working at Darkhorse…

Darkhorse is not like other companies. We eschew titles and power structures. Your career is not a ladder from designer, to senior designer, to lead designer, to chief creative officer. Instead, it is a path toward mastery. You will gain skill, confidence, reputation, and influence all the while having substantial autonomy. Your work will be viewed by millions, and your voice will be heard and respected by the wider visualization community. You will have an impact.

Darkhorse provides an environment that enables and recognizes success. Our competitive compensation package will include a salary commensurate with your skill and experience.

Getting started...

Please complete our short application form via the following link. You will require a Google account to upload your resume. Contact us at if this is a problem.


We look forward to hearing from you!