Our Culture

Darkhorse Analytics is not hierarchical, we operate in a flat organization and build solutions together as a team. To do that we have a few cultural focuses.

Work should make a difference
We thrive on doing meaningful work, and are driven by our need to make a difference. Meaningful work engages our team, has a real impact on the businesses we serve, and in the end builds our company.

Output is more important than hours
We run a results only work environment. Need a day off? Take it off. Prefer to work in the evenings so your day is free? Do it. We're concerned with your ability to get things done, support your team, and make happy clients. If your plans don't interfere with that then we won't interfere with your plans.

Initiative and invention breed success
Our success is not driven from the top down. We rely on the initiative, creativity, and drive of our employees to build a thriving business. If you see an area to improve or a new opportunity to research, we want you to pursue it.

Mastery Is ...
With varied background and expertise, we actively challenge each other to take on more complex problems and to broaden our capabilities and deepen our skills.