Our Work

The Darkhorse team has been analyzing and visualizing data since before analytics was a thing. Along the way, we’ve developed some strong opinions.

Good analytics is visual. Analytics isn’t just stats and numbers. Seeing the data, the process, and the results is essential. 

Good visualization is analytical. Smart transformation of the data reveals meaning and clarifies decisions.

The right answer is only half the answer. The work doesn’t stop at the end of the analysis; it stops when it leads to a decision.

Interactivity breeds adoption. People hate to be told what to do. Interaction convinces users that it was their idea to begin with.

Analysis advances judgement. Intuition and analytics are not enemies. When they work together, they lead to better decisions than either alone.

Clarity is engaging. You don’t need to choose between beauty and accuracy. Pursue both. 

Our Culture

We strive to create an environment that rewards our staff and our clients. Our guiding principles underpin our culture and allow us to punch far above our weight.

Impact, not invoices. Our work is meaningful because we move the dial, not because we make money. 

Output, not face time. Need a week off? Take it. Prefer to work in the evenings? Do it. Our clients pay for results and so do we.

Autonomy, not control. We trust our team to make the right decisions. Talent and initiative leads to far better results than forms and approvals.

Capabilities, not credentials. We seek out upstream skills like initiative and capacity to learn more than degrees or titles. 

Mastery, not management. Our career path is not a progression from trainee to VP.  It starts with breadth of skill and ends in world-renowned expertise.

Our Team

Darkhorse was spun out of a research lab at the University of Alberta in 2008.  Our team still carries the DNA of that environment: analytical rigour, intellectual curiosity, and dogged determination. We’ve since added a strong design aesthetic and a deep understanding of decision-making and adoption.

We aim to turn each of our associates into accomplished data scientists.  Individually, they have deep skills in programming, math, visual design, and data analysis.  But collectively, they comprise an incredibly talented, diverse group of problem solvers.  Many have advanced degrees or certifications, but all share a passion to do meaningful work.

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Alan Sweeney

Dana Marsh

Joey Cherdarchuk

Nancy Ho

Craig Schram

Dan Haight

Maciej Bukczynski

Patrick Lewis

Corey Jamison

Eugene Chen

Melissa Haight

Rob Korzan

Craig Hiltz

Finbarr Timbers

Mitch Wong

Wendy Leigh


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